Place and Space


What is the difference?


Space is generally thought of as the in between, somewhere between places, Thinking is that the journey from one space to another creates a place. Some theories are that places are made through everyday practices or the humanizing of space and this is one of the key foundations in place making. Think about the human scale and make sure a place has opportunities for people to do things.


In our practice we like to simplify it into questions like - How do you turn this forgotten corner into a place…

By creating something of value there …. like planter seats where people can linger 

Here mobile skip gardens can be moved when needed, 





Adding an activity which creates a 'CHECKMATE'

turning seating into tables for street chess a place to meet and make friends






And having different experiences like in our Dappled Dame where trees changed the path normally taken, and the atmosphere of this normally treesless lane

Skip gardens
Dappled Dame